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Mass Actions

A mass tort or mass action is a lawsuit involving numerous plaintiffs against one or more corporate defendants. We believe that bringing individual actions on a mass basis is a powerful way to make our clients’ voices heard.  Mass torts generally stem from products liability, toxic exposure to dangerous materials (such as chemicals or environmental toxins), or disasters, but can arise out of a wide variety of circumstances.  Our firm is equipped to handle numerous matters in the areas of Mass Action and Mass Tort, including:

  • Product Liability Cases: Product liability can provide the basis for a mass action when a single product, such as a drug or medical device, injures numerous consumers. A product may be defective based on how it is made or by how it is labeled and/or marketed. Insufficient instructions, inadequate safety warnings, or misrepresentations (whether intentional or not), can all create liability against the manufacturer, distributor, and reseller of a defective product.
  • Toxic Torts: In cases concerning toxic exposure, liable parties may include the employer (for workplace exposure), construction companies or manufacturers of building components (for exposure in your home or other structure), drug or chemical manufacturers, or government entities (for contaminated air or drinking water).
  • Catastrophic and Disaster Torts: These are cases where entities (such as corporations or government entities) can incur liability stemming from industrial or natural disasters, including explosions, industrial accidents, mass toxic exposure, power outages, and failure to adequately warn, insure safety or respond appropriately.

Our firm is dedicated to pursuing these and other actions impacting employees and consumers.  Our clients can count on Capstone Law being on the cutting edge of new developments and novel approaches.