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Securities Fraud

In this volatile economic climate, individual and institutional investors alike navigate unpredictable markets. In addition to these risks, investors also face the problem of how to recover when corporate leaders leave their fiduciary duties at the door. Government enforcement agencies too, tasked with holding powerful entities accountable, are heavily strained by budget cuts, shrinking staff and an increasingly corporate-friendly judiciary.  A well-staffed private law firm with shared interests could be a timely ally.  We can help.

With the ability to handle securities law claims, as well as an expansive infrastructure that allows attorneys to thoroughly research and evaluate claims, Capstone Law is uniquely situated to both represent investors and to partner with government enforcement agencies in working towards a common goal: corporate accountability for illegal and unethical activities that harm investors.

We seek to represent clients in lawsuits that involve:

  • Shareholder derivative and class action claims
  • Corporate governance matters
  • Institutional representation (e.g. pension funds, unions, community banks)
  • Broker-dealer disputes and arbitrations
  • Public partnerships with city attorneys and attorneys general

We are prepared to provide shareholders, institutional investors and others with securities-related claims the experience and resources necessary to protect their interests.

Please contact us for a free evaluation and assessment of your claim.