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Consumer Rights

Facing tight margins and heightened competition, some companies make false or exaggerated claims about products or services in an effort to take advantage of consumers. Many companies also openly violate laws enacted to protect consumer privacy. All too often, these businesses get away with deceptive tactics, confident that consumers who catch on will not have the time or resources to take action against them.   At Capstone Law, we hold these companies accountable.

We represent clients who have been misled by a company’s claims about a product or service, as well as those whose privacy rights have been violated, and we generally prosecute our cases as class actions.

Our attorneys are able to handle a wide range of consumer claims and concerns, including:

  • False or misleading advertising and marketing
  • Privacy violations such as data breaches and unlawful recordings
  • Failure to provide goods or services paid for
  • Internet and telemarketing scams
  • Defective or inferior products and services
  • Bait and switch tactics
  • Ponzi schemes

Capstone Law’s consumer practice is staffed by experienced attorneys who seek to stop these deceptive and unfair business practices and obtain compensation for consumers. With skilled counsel and extensive resources, our clients can be confident that we understand their needs and protect their interests.

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