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In many instances, our cases come to us through the relationships we have established with other attorneys over time.  We are often referred clients by attorneys who practice in different areas of the law, or who simply do not have the resources to take on class, representative or mass actions on their own.

Capstone Law’s commitment, talent and extensive resources also allow us to enter into strategic co-counseling relationships with smaller or solo firms. These attorneys have great ideas for cases in the areas of labor and employment, consumer, securities, whistleblower, automotive defect, antitrust or other traditional plaintiff practice areas. By partnering with us, many attorneys find they can confidently square off with larger, well-financed defense firms that corporations hire to represent their interests.

We are equipped to take on cases at different points in the adversarial process, whether a matter is in the vetting or investigation stage, in settlement negotiations, at trial or already on appeal.  We can handle pleadings, discovery, class certification motions, summary judgment motions, the hiring and interviewing of experts and trial preparation, as well as appeals and writs. We are also equally adept at working for our clients outside of the courtroom, whether in negotiations towards settlement, mediation or arbitration settings.

We consider our referral sources and strategic co-counsel to be valued colleagues who we hope to work with for years to come.  As with every relationship we develop, we adhere to standards of professional responsibility at every stage and comply with relevant fee-sharing ethical rules.

If you are interested in discussing a referral or co-counseling relationship, please contact the director of our new matters department, Jamie Greene.